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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay in my coach while it is at Xtreme?
Typically, if no windows are removed customers can stay in their coaches. For customers (especially full-timers) getting full paint jobs or other extensive work we have a newly refurbished efficiency apartment on site. Please call ahead to book.
How long will my coach be at Xtreme?
The timeframe depends on what level of service you choose. We have estimated timeframes for the following services:
  • Painted Graphics: 2-3 weeks
  • Full Paint: 8 weeks
  • Headlight Conversion: 5 days
  • Taillight Conversion: 5 days
Headlight and taillight conversions can be worked into the timeframe of a paint job, but some upgrades can add additional time to your coach's stay. Any repairs that are needed might add to this timeframe, as well. Once we see your coach in person, we will be able to give you a more accurate date of completion.
How much advanced notice do you need before I schedule an appointment?
We can schedule most services within a two or three month's notice. Our suggestion is to call as soon as you are ready to make an appointment, and send your deposit to hold your spot. We do occasionally have cancellations; so if you would like to be notified of earlier openings, let us know when you call to schedule.
How much will this cost?
Different services and options cost differently; please call us for a free estimate on any of our services.
What is your payment procedure?
Initially, we require a $1,000 deposit to hold your appointment for a painted graphics or full paint job. When you drop your coach off 50% of all paint and body work is required with the remaining balance due when you pick your coach up. We accept cash, checks, or money orders. We are not set up to accept credit cards.
Will I receive a refund of my deposit if I cancel my appointment?
Yes, if you cancel at least 30 days in advance.
Will my coach be plugged in while it is at Xtreme? Will it be inside?
We provide 50-amp hook-ups that all coaches are connected to while here, except when inside the paint booth. If possible, your coach will be kept inside one of our buildings. If we have limited space inside, your coach will be kept outside on our secured property.
What do I need to take out of my coach before bringing it to Xtreme?
The only items that must be removed from your coach are perishables. The refrigerator and freezer must be cleaned out completely. This is because the fridge vent is covered with plastic while the coach is in our shop, causing the refrigerator to overheat and shut off. Other items, including those stored underneath your coach, do not have to be removed.
Do you do interior work as well as exterior work?
We donít work on the interior of the coach or do any mechanical/engine work on site, but we can sublet this type of work out to local vendors. Let us know when you call if you need us to schedule this type of work for you.
Do I need to come in early to choose my design and colors for my paint job?
A special trip just to choose the design is not necessary. Depending on which paint level you choose, allow for a few hours when you drop your coach off to choose a design and color package. If you choose to have a custom graphics package designed for your coach, you should plan on being in our office for most of the day.
Is there a charge for design time?
Yes, if you choose to have a custom design made. Any changes made to the standard designs we offer will also be charged based on actual time spent by our designers. If you choose to cancel your appointment, please be aware that any time spent on design work will be deducted from your deposit.
Can you paint my tow vehicle along with my motorhome?
Yes, we can paint graphics on your tow vehicle to match your motorhome.
Where are you located?
We are located in Nacogdoches, right in the heart of East Texas. Foretravel owners will recognize this as the home of the Foretravel Corporation. For those who have never been to our town before, there is a map link on the home page of our website. You can learn more about Nacogdoches at www.visitnacogdoches.org, or www.ci.nacogdoches.tx.us.